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When you partner with PVC PROFILE MART, you benefit from over 30 years of experience in delivering extruded PVC profile solutions across multiple markets, including more than 20 different segment applications. Below are the primary categories into which we group these manufacturing solutions, but as a PVC Profiles extrusion company, we specialize in Custom PVC Profiles. If you have a need and an idea, reach out to PVC PROFILE MART your trusted advisor for specialty PVC Profiles solutions.

PVC is an extremely durable material that is much stronger than many other Materials. For instance, Wood & Aluminium Windows Which were all along prevelled Butt with the versatility of PVC  Replaced PVC is extremely chemical resistant and resists attacks or degradation from a wide range of chemicals, making it the material of choice in many tough industrial applications.

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PVC, commonly known as vinyl, is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, touching virtually every part of our lives. From the PVC pipe that brings much of India the water that we drink, to the vinyl windows, electrical conduit, insulation for electrical wiring, flooring, vinyl fences, etc. that make our homes more comfortable and energy-efficient – PVC is all around us.

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